Our experts offer services in counseling and representation of clients in other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including out-of-court settlements, mediation and other solutions leading to an amicable settlement of the dispute.

Most of the times it is best to resolve disputes consensually and quickly, therefore parties often decide to settle matters by arbitration. Its procedures have various advantages in comparison to court settlements, such as greater cost and time efficiency, confidentiality and flexibility of the proceedings.

Our arbitration team advises and represents a wide range of financial and industrial clients in all forms of arbitration, including disputes heard under the ICC, VIAC, ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitration rules. Our lawyers have substantive legal expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge to address client needs across industries and provide superior advice.

We offer particular expertise in commercial litigation, international and domestic commercial arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and employment law disputes.

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