27 March, 2019

Don’t forget to submit your annual accounting reports for 2018

The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) is an authorized institution for the collection, processing and transmission of data from the annual reports of business subjects and for publishing annual reports and other data of companies, sole proprietors and other business entities.

If you are a part of the sole proprietors who determine their tax base through the flat rate expenses regime and business entities that are not established as legal entities and do not have the status of sole proprietors (notaries, lawyers, independent healthcare professionals, independent cultural professionals, athletes, journalists, some other business entities and civil associations) you are not obliged to submit the annual accounting report.

Companies, sole proprietors, cooperatives, associations and political parties must, in accordance with regulations, submit their annual accounting reports for 2018 by the end of March, this year no later than April 1, 2019.
Annual accounting reports are submitted exclusively through the AJPES portal by directly entering the data into the online application, or by importing the XML file.

It is necessary to submit:

  • data from the final reports on unified forms (for national statistics, by submitting a declaration for the enforcement of simplification as well as for public notice)
  • final report in a non-uniform form in PDF file (for public notice).

You can confirm the submitted data in two ways, using a qualified digital certificate or a notice for AJPES written from the web application, signed by a business entity representative.

We advise you to submit an annual report in a timely manner and avoid the misdemeanour.

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